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Greater Garstang

Your chance to get involved and make a difference!

Greater Garstang Waterways

What geographical area is covered by the GGPB?

Both sides of the A6 corridor, including Scorton, Winmarleigh and Calder Vale

What is the purpose of the GGPB?

The purpose of the Board is to drive the development of a Regeneration and Investment Framework for the town and its surrounding villages to ensure the area thrives in the coming years. The GGPB is working with experienced consultants IBI to identify potential projects for inclusion in the Regeneration and Investment Framework while other projects will be identified through consultation with individuals, community groups and businesses. The Board will also seek appropriate funding streams to bring as many of those projects to fruition as possible.

Garstang High Street

Making a tangible difference to the local economy

The GGPB’s core function or purpose is to make a tangible difference to the local economy and to the quality of life of local people.

The Board is working with consultants from the IBI Group, whose work has been funded by Wyre Council’s Town Centre Strategy Fund. This Fund is to help support vital business recovery in the four key town centres in Wyre – Garstang, Cleveleys, Fleetwood and Poulton. The consultants’ work has concentrated on Garstang town centre and they will put forward ideas for its improvement as well as wider proposals that support the town centre such as transport.

Alongside their work the Board has asked community groups and town and parish councils in Garstang and surrounding villages for ideas for projects to improve the quality of life of local people. All projects put forward will be considered for inclusion in the Board’s Regeneration and Investment Framework which will cover the next 15 years, with reviews at regular intervals to ensure it remains valid.

Projects are likely to fall into a number of categories: those where the project owners need advice, support and expertise to help get their project going; those where the Board may be able to assist with grant applications; those where some financial support may be available to pump prime a project and those where the Board will work in collaboration with one or more partners to apply for funding. Please note that the Board has no funding of its own.

Consultation on the future of Greater Garstang

Get Involved

If you’ve got an idea you would like to explore and develop, what do you need to do take it further?

• Map out your idea with as many details and outline costs as you can provide, and send it via email to the email address below.

• Ideas can be submitted for consideration to any member of the GGPB, and further details will then be requested where required after chatting through the outline idea with you.

Email to get involved.

Get Involved


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