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Whilst there is a lot of work going on “behind the scenes” there isn’t much to report at this point in the process.

The Board held a workshop on 27 September to provide views on the “preferred vision” for the future of Garstang Town Centre and its place at the centre of a wider “Greater Garstang” area and to work up a number of strategic objectives.

These strategic objectives will form the “headlines” of what we, as a Board, want to achieve and projects being considered will need to help to deliver one or more of those objectives.

The next public consultation event will be held in early December but we are still working on finding a suitable venue. As soon as the venue and date have been confirmed we will make sure they are widely publicised so that as many people as possible can attend if they wish.

We will also make sure the consultation material is available online for those who cannot or prefer not to attend an in person event.

Please keep an eye out on local social media channels and the Greater Garstang Partnership Board’s own website, on Facebook, The Greater Garstang Partnership Board and on Twitter @greatergarstang

Jan Finch

Chair, Greater Garstang Partnership Board

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