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Following an initial consultation with the public, the Greater Garstang Partnership Board would like to hear residents and businesses’ views on how Garstang can be improved.

The board, with support from Garstang Town Council and Wyre Council, will be holding a consultation drop in event at Garstang Free Methodist Church in Garstang on Wednesday 1 December 12pm – 6pm.

Following a successful consultation back in August, the board are now looking to hear from the public on how Garstang can be improved in the years to come.

At the initial event, three options for the future of Garstang were suggested, with the second option chosen as the preferred one by members of the public.

In this option, the starting point is the belief that without sufficient ambition, Garstang Town Centre risks relative decline. It recognises the need to address a range of issues but also sees that the town has many opportunities that can be taken.

It sees Garstang as a place with both heritage and forward thinking that balances the needs of residents, surrounding communities and visitors - but without radically altering the nature or role of the town. Of highest priority are:

  • The high street and promoting more of a café culture and evening economy – with a strong offer for families

  • To investigate the feasibility of a ‘pedestrian priority’ approach to the town centre streets

  • To strengthen awareness and connectivity with the canal and river

  • Address car parking issues

  • Explore the potential for the development of a new multifunctional community facility for Garstang

Councillor Alice Collinson, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Economic Development, commented, “As a ward councillor for Garstang, as well as cabinet member for this service area, I encourage all residents and businesses in the area to have their say on the future of Garstang.

“We are keen to hear from locals on how we can better improve what Garstang already has to offer to allow the town to flourish with the times.”

The board, supported by consultants from the IBI Group, will present the findings from the August consultation and present their vision statement and objectives for the town centre following feedback from residents.

Jan Finch, Chair of the Greater Garstang Partnership Board, commented, “It is vital that local people get involved so that we can try to shape what Garstang town centre has to offer in the future without losing what we all love about it.

“I would encourage anyone who can to come along to the event on 1 December to speak to the consultants, board members and Wyre officers but, for those who simply can’t attend, there will be the opportunity to view the information on Wyre Council’s website and submit questions or comments.”

The public consultation event will be held on Wednesday 1 December between 12pm – 6pm at Garstang Free Methodist Church, Windsor Road, Garstang, PR3 1ED.

The consultation will also be available for online comments from Wednesday 1 December to Sunday 19 December.

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With amount of new developments traffic become very heavy. Is any budget for adding propper cycling routes/ roads, can be even canal paths improve, so it's possible walk and cycle on them?

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